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27 Responses to Christian Grey – Male Stripper

  • booked you for teresa s birthday party last weekend and just want to let you know that exotic dancers were professional and very helpfull with my booking. Christian was very liked by everyone a the party.

  • I was very happy with Christian and the agency who we booked with, thats why when i was asked to give feedback i did so with no hesitations. Christian did my aunt s bachelorette and was a superb performance. From his looks to his dancing he was magnificent. Thank you so much.

  • Had two guys at my guest house performing for a ladies night and was very impressed with the service and also the male strippers we got were fabulous. Much appreciated

  • Thank you so much for booking Christian. He was great and he is definitely Mr Entertainment. We all had a good time and will book through you guys for my Aunt s party. Thank you for the extra guy too.

  • We booked two guys for sat and Christian performed really well and also happy we booked him, very well done

  • Christian was definitely my Christian Grey, he was fantastic and a very good dancer, cant wait to book him again for my other friend, worth every cent and that is for sure

  • Christian was amazing and he was definitely the best stripper we have ever seen and the show was very well presented. Thank you to the exotic dancers team

  • Classly done, and very very good show. He is most def our Christian Grey and will book him again for future parties

  • Awesome performer and in fact the best we have seen, we certainly book Christian again. Thank you

  • The strippers were very professional and great, for a crowd that was in my opinion and they went as far as they needed to. Donavan 0768177973

  • Hi, the stripper was fantastic and the ladies had a real blast of a time, very professional and we will book him again. jeanette 0725874940

  • The male stripper was very professional and the ladies enjoyed him immensely, Elise 0828247106

  • the stripper was absolutely fantastic, the ladies loved him and he made loads of tips. Thank you for your reliable service and we will let you know when the next function is. Thank you very much.

  • Thank you so much the dancer/model was fantastic, really nice guy, really gorgeous, accommodating, the birthday girl was quite sad that she didn’t get to keep him with her car with the car she got, lol. Claire 0715241031

  • Christian was amazing and had the girls fully entertained the entire show. We recommend this agency for good service. Devina 0714925923

  • We booked one malle dancer for my sister s bachelorette and to much of my suprise we got two guys for the same rate. What a nice gift and thank you very much exotic dancers. Your male dancers were awesome. Hangwani 0762760059

  • The stripper was perfect and exactly what we were looking for. He was punctual and his performance was awesome. The ladies loved him. Angie 0832139509

  • Christian was really good and he was also very accomodating. The place was further than what expected and still he just did his show and entertained the ladies. Thank you.” Brittany 0729758184

  • The male dnacers were hot and did a good performance. the ladies loved them. They also sticked around for pictures etc after the show. Well done. Kirsten 0846571563

  • My friend really enjoyed the show. It was very classy and that is exactly what we were looking for. Catrien 0832985697

  • The male stripper was very professional and Annie had a fat smile on her face. Thank you guys. Darryl 0823346664

  • We are a bunch of older ladies and we were looking for something classy. We booked Lee Roy and got two guys for the same price. Excellent service thank you very much exotic dancers. Did not there were companies like this still and we are all very impressed. The show was magnificent and very professional. Maureen 011 7884395

  • Most of us would have to admit that we’ve had our share of mediocre service from companies in the past, however i am pleased to write this compliment to the exoticdancers team. I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which your dancrs performed the show. It truly was a very entertaining show that was done with so much class!!! Everyone attending the event was impressed and i personally received numerous complimentson selecting such incredible entertainers. We also want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your comany provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct your business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with youfor years to come. Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact me. Ursula Botha 0828497336

  • OMW Christian Grey was magnificent and did exactly what i wanted him to do. His show was brilliant. He did a very sexy and raunchy 50 shades of grey show and i still get goose bumps. Always book with this company and they never ever disappoint. Thank you so much guys. Lucinda 0828200572

  • The ladies absolutely loved the entire show. He also put on a really entertaining show and made the ladies feel very confortable to participate. the ladies are all asking when is he doing the next show. Zubaida 0608998483

  • Both men were very professional and everyone loved the show. We had asked for the guys to be very professional and no touching etc and that is exactly what the guys did, fully choreographed routines. We booked one guy and we got two guys for the price of one
    Thank you kindly and we will definitely recommend the company to my friends. Charne 0823296594

  • The stripper was very good and we were all very happy with him. His show was very entertaining and we enjoyed every second of it. Natasha 0832100016

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