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Biggest male stripper in Cape Town

Derek – male
stripper Cape Town

Male stripper Cape Town

20 min bachelorette show

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Michael Jackson show

Prince show

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Full monty show


20 Responses to Derek – male
stripper Cape Town

  • Congratulations on your show Derek. Very good show.

  • Good job Derek. The ladies of durbanville really enjoyed your show and we will definately book you again. Regards

  • just wanted to say that we booked Derek for the 1 st september and he was excellent. He was friendly and interected with the girls and did a great show. We will definately reccomend him to others.

  • Derek gave us a good show and was a nice guy too. We had a good time, thank you

  • Thank you Derek, you entertained us brilliantly and the bachelorette had a very good time. Regards

  • Derek was fabulous and all the brides maids who booked him were very very happy.

  • Just want to give feedback about Derek. He ran 10 mins late but let us know and he did a very good show so we are very happy with his performance.

  • My friend booked Derek for my friends birthday party and Derek was a true gentleman and the ladies felt very confortable as he was very professional. Thank you for booking him for us, we are very pleased.

  • Derek was amazing, everybody liked his show specially the bride to be and would recommend him again. Thank you very very much, Sian

  • Oh my gosh, Derek was awesome, what as absolute blast all us ladies had and our bride to be was literally blown away, Thanks again Karlien 0797082728

  • Someone asked for feedback for saturday s bachelorette party with Derek. We had such a blast and the bride was totally over the moon, derek was a bag of fun, everyone enjoyed themselves, very professional service from Derek indeed. I would highly recommend your agency to anyone in need of such service, from start to end everything was done professionally and flawless, thank you so much for the excellent services, Madeleine 0739350650

  • Absolutely fantastic show and derek was very professional and the ladies enjoyed chatting to him after the show too, Thank you

  • I’d just like to thank you for your professionalism and making sure that there was a plan B in case things did not work out with Ben. I must be honest i was a bit concerned that no one would rock up but must say Derek was amazing and interacted with the bride to be and all the guests. Thank you again for your great services and for Derek s brilliant show. Taryn 0734663146

  • All went very well and Derek was great and very professional. We booked this show on friday and got very good service from you guys. Thank you, 0845009002

  • Derek was such a pleasure to have with us, very professional and made all the ladies feel confortable specially because we were first timers. Thank you for your excellent services and we will definitely pass on the word.

  • Derek was really great, punctual and very professional. Well done to you guys too for booking him. Recommend your services for sure, JJ 0828791499

  • Derek was very amusing and he did a very good show, thank you, will refer you guys to all friends and family having parties in the near future, J 0829496820

  • thank you so much for the follow, can see that you guys are very professional. The male stripper was very hot and did a real good show. He was also very charming and very accomodating. Regards Kuan 0789231231

  • Derek did a good show and the girls had a lot of fun. will use you guys again, Tracey 0744700024

  • Derek did a very good show and arrived on time. He was also a good sport and all the ladies had a very good time. Regards Jolene 0836709734

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